Recipe Remix – Salad Rolls

Recipe Remix – Salad Rolls

I absolutely love Vietnamese salad rolls and I also love to play with my food! So remixing a traditional style salad roll with a few new ingredients was so much fun to do and the results were delicious. Working with rice paper takes a bit of practice (you may need to sacrifice a few in the beginning) but the recipes are so simple it makes up for it and in no time you will be a master salad roll roller. 😉


On this Recipe Remix segment for City TV, I made two versions of salad rolls; Lemongrass Beef & Sesame Salmon. You can watch the 5 minute clip from today’s show HERE to see how its done and see below for the recipes used in the segment. Happy Rolling!

Sesame Salmon Salad Rolls

Lemongrass Beef Salad Rolls