Summer Salads on Breakfast Television

Summer Salads on Breakfast Television

With the launch of my cookbook, “Easy Peasy Eats, Deliciously Simple Recipes for Every Day“, I had the pleasure of popping onto Breakfast Television to make two of my favourite summer salad recipes with host Tara Slone. The first one was my Black Bean Salad which is excellent on its own or can also be used as a vegetarian taco filling. The second one is the Honey Bourbon Fruit Salad which is a wonderful brunch recipe, I especially like to make it in the summer when melons are ripe and plentiful. Two salads, in under 4 minutes. You can see how it’s done by watching the 4 minute clip HERE.

Recipes included in this segment were the following:

Black Bean Salad

Honey Bourbon Fruit Salad